Primal Session


A World Fusion Jam Band

Currently forming around Boston Massachusetts

What is World Fusion?

World Fusion music combines musical styles from different parts of the world. The most famous practitioner is probably Carlos Santana who combines American Blues with various Latin styles. Paul Simon has also done a lot of World Fusion (using South American and African music). Really, just about anything goes, from Ska and Reggae covers of standards like Runaway or Six Days on the Road, to combining Rap with Bulgarian folk music.

Primal Session will consist of one or two drummers, a bassist, a keyboardist (me), a guitarist, and maybe another soloist. Hopefully, everyone in the band will be able to play a drum of some sort or another and sing (any range from Bass to Soprano can fit). And yes, I am still looking for musicians to start this band with.


Work has started on a demo for the new band. Follow the demo project as it progresses (MP3 files included).


MP3 Samples of some wolrd fusion music (from my previous band, Towering Pretzels):

Our House is Burning mixes Blues with African and Japanese Taiko rhythms and adds a little bit of rap.

Mr. Tequila is basicly Archie Bunker with a latin influence.

Carnival of Years is New Orleans R&B with folkie style lyrics.

Plain Brown Wrapper combines Rap with Bulgarian folk music (it's in 7/8 time!). This hasn't been released, yet; so, you'll have to be a musician and contact me to get a preproduction copy.

Herbie Robinson
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